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Who We Are

Aevumed is a medical device company founded by ambitious and energetic industry professionals in the greater Philadelphia area. Our vision is to pioneer sports medicine and arthroscopy, while our mission is to advance the treatment of patients with tendon tears.

Meet Our Team

My Tendon

Want to learn more about your tendons like your rotator cuff, labrum, or biceps? If so, check out the My Tendon experience!

My Tendon


Giving Back

Implant Donation

Aevumed is committed to helping those who may not have access to quality healthcare. That's why we started our Implant Donation Program. If you're interested in being part of the program, please contact us using the link below.

Community Service

Dedication to community service is a core value held by Aevumed. For this reason, Aevumed allocates time each year for all employees to spend time volunteering in the community.

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Aevumed, Inc. is a privately-owned company that has been financed by individual investors and angels groups. Aevumed believes that it is well positioned to continue improving quality of life through its innovation, dedication to quality, and continuous territory expansions.

For more information on investments, please contact using the Contact Us form below.

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At Aevumed, we believe that the Independent Distributors and Sales Representatives are the critical link to the surgeons and facilities in improving life and function for the patients.

Aevumed is based on the unique premise that our surgeons design and build product for surgeons to facilitate the needs and issues that face them in their practices. If you follow these ideals we would like to talk with you.

Please contact: William Warrender -

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Malvern, PA 19355

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